We are looking for oncologist who completed an internal medicine residency after graduating from medical school, followed by an oncology fellowship. Board certification is a plus. You will need to coordinate a course of treatment for cancer patients with the rest of their oncology team, which includes nurses, physician assistants, social workers, rehabilitation therapists, dietitians, radiologists, surgeons and pathologists. You will need to prescribe various types of treatment, such as chemotherapy, medications and hormones.

Typical job duties include making cancer diagnoses, keeping records of patients’ test results and physical examinations, writing prescriptions, providing specific cancer information to patients, monitoring treatment plans and improving patients’ quality of life. You will be in charge for your patients and you need to explain cancer development stages to them, discuss treatment options and assist in pain management.

The ideal candidate is an experienced doctor, specialised in oncology.


You need to have:

  1. European Citizenship
  2. European Medical Degree
  3. European Specialty Degree
  4. Willing to work in dynamical hospital environment,
  5. Good level of English language
  6. Who preferable has notion (or better) of the French language
  7. Willing to move to France.


To apply:

Please send your CV mentioning reference YW-6 at info@phd-jobs.net

Contact person: Vitaly Pryadka
Tel.: +44 20 8144 2822
Web: http://www.phd-jobs.net