Air/water interface penetration has always been a source of deep mystery. How is it possible to make underwater intervention more reliable, safer and at an affordable price? Here are some of the questions we address in priority.

Today, the price of a measurement at sea is not so much related to the sensor price itself; but to the cost of the means for sensor deployment. If you manage to get rid of those means or to minimize them; then you take advantage on competition by bringing huge savings to your mission budget.

You are looking for innovative technologies that are going to make your underwater operations more simple and efficient. ACSA Underwater GPS, as a system architect, will design the solution that will best fit your requirement and reduce your overall mission cost.

You dream to use GPS underwater with the same easy way to operate and accuracy, we designed the GIB portable tracking systems for you. Fast to install on board vessels of opportunity, requiring no calibration, offering a metric / submetric accuracy, even in shallow waters, all these reasons explain why so many customers, worldwide, have turned towards our solutions.

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